Inclement Weather Policy

We always try our best to complete the event the day it is scheduled if at ALL possible.  That means running in rain, snow, etc. For safety, if we see lightning we feel we must wait at least 15 minutes. If we don't see lightning after 15 minutes has passed and the radar looks reasonable, we would go for it!   If the radar looks horrible we might try to delay the race for 30 minutes or an hour or two. We would not delay a race more than 1 or 2 hours in any case.  If we did end up canceling the race we would TRY to hold it on another weekend - but depending on the venue that may or may not be possible. Unfortunately we cannot refund entry fees or give credit for entry fees because we have already paid for the venue, the supplies, the trophies and medals, etc.  But just know we will do everything we can to have the race on the day it's scheduled! We don't bail on it easily and we know you runners are TOUGH!!!